Everything you need to create a compelling careers page

If you’ve searched for jobs on Google, you’ve probably noticed their job board. It’s in the best spot on the results page. And every company on that board is letting the world know who they are and why candidates should care.

How do you attract top talent and get your jobs on the front page of the world’s biggest search engine? The answer is a smart hiring strategy with a compelling careers page. And at ShopHire, that’s just one of the ways we help Shopify businesses hire right while growing their brand.

What goes into a compelling careers page? Let’s dig in.

1. An authentic look at your company

When done correctly, a compelling careers page does more than attract great talent. It also attracts new customers. Both are looking for the same thing--a sense of who you are.

Include your values, culture, mission, and give background on why you started. The more authentic you are, the more like-minded candidates you’ll attract.

2. Mobile-friendly design

It’s 2020. And 90 percent of job seekers are searching for new opportunities on their phones. Your careers page should look great and be easy to navigate on any device. Otherwise, you’re potentially alienating a massive pool of candidates and giving the wrong impression of your brand. Who wants to apply to a startup that doesn’t have a responsive website?

ShopHire’s career page builder makes it easy to tell your story and design beautiful pages for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The easier it is to visit your careers page, the more likely job seekers are to stick around, check out your company, and apply.

3. Employee testimonials

When you ask job seekers what they like most about their current or former roles, many will tell you the same thing: the people. So, let your people do the talking. Collect testimonials from different teams to highlight what a new hire might expect if they join them. 

Just you? Use this space to deliver your elevator pitch and explain your “why.” The right story from a founder can capture the hearts and minds of job seekers and new customers alike.

4. Current open roles

It sounds like a no-brainer, but some companies have open positions for months on their career page for jobs that don’t exist. This is incredibly frustrating to job seekers, who take the time to write a cover letter, fill out the application, and expect a response.

It’s been said that the appearance of open roles looks good for business. If a company is hiring, they’re obviously growing, right? Not exactly.

Part of hiring is hiring responsibly. Keep job openings up to date to help job seekers manage their time and expectations. That said, if you want to collect applications for a future hire, only do so with full disclosure. A lot of places aren’t hiring right now, but still have a “general” application available because they’re always looking for great talent.

5. Benefits and perks

Benefits and perks help set your company culture apart. A careers page is the perfect place to show off what you got. Have a cool professional development program, an in-office dog, or a great PTO policy? Candidates want to see that upfront.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management, 92 percent of employees say benefits are important to their overall satisfaction. The most common being health insurance, PTO, dental insurance, retirement savings, and vision insurance. Depending which you offer, it could sway job seekers to consider working for you over the competition.

6. Strong brand presence

We mentioned earlier that career sites are just as useful for marketing as they are for recruiting. And that couldn’t be closer to the truth. In fact, according to talent cloud company iCIMS, 86 percent of HR professionals say that recruiting and marketing is becoming indistinguishable.

ShopHire gives you the tools to create a career page that’s undeniably yours. Our smart page builder automatically updates with your design choices and includes content modules to add the elements we talked about above. Plus, each job post on ShopHire comes fully optimized for Google for Jobs, giving your brand online real estate that major companies try to outbid each other for every day: the top of Google search results.

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Get smart hiring help with ShopHire

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